Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit…

After 2.5 years or so shooting with various lenses and my amazing Fujifilm XE2, I decided that I had had enough. Too many lenses and options including bigger lenses (xf23 1.4). My favorite lens has been the 27mm for the reason that it made photography fun and have captured some of my favorite photos ever with it since I would often have it with me.

I also have a 70d kit with a few zoom lenses to take out when I really want to cover an event, usually motorsport or surf etc, so really I felt I didn’t really need two full systems with lens options for each.

The simple one lens option makes you think less about options and just more about the shot, its light and a joy to use and shoot with.

BUT I found that with the Fujifilm I was always constantly unsure which lens to take as they are all so good.

I then decided I just wanted to get rid of it all and go back to a one lens option that I will pick up & take everywhere without the constant thought of which lens should I take.

I also don’t like seeing lenses just sitting around on my shelf un-used for long periods of time…so I narrowed it down to either the new xpro2 or the x100t as I really wanted the hybrid viewfinder option and I just love the rangefinder styling to run a single lens setup.

So my options were going to be the xpro2 with the 27mm pancake or the x100t with the 23 f2.

My main reasons for going with the x100t were:

A lot smaller, lighter, 23 f2 lens I felt was better and more usable than the 27 especially with the insane macro function that I over looked!.  I just didn’t think I would take the xpro2 everywhere, it is quite a step up from the xe2/x100t in size & bulk. The x100t was also about a 1k nzd cheaper.

Obviously there are a couple of things I would have loved from the xpro2 but I am seriously happy with my decision. Largely the new sensor, but also i have been really happy with the 16mp xtrans ii. I really am familiar with it now for editing and its still a joy to work with. It also means I can continue using my CS6 photoshop without paying for the CC based version for another 2-3 years.

Anyway that’s my little story. But I am truly loving shooting with the Fuji gear more than anything I’ve used. It has been a fantastic experience. I have traveled to many places with my XE2 and made some great photos of my new son over his first year so I’m really excited to continue with the X100t. I recall quickly that it stopped me right in my tracks, we were visiting a camera store in San Francisco and those first impressions were like love at first sight.

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21 thoughts on “Why I sold all my Fujifilm kit…

  1. 100% right

    I also arrived to the same conclusion
    I use a XE-1 with the 27mm and a X100T
    Sometimes I aldo pick my old SonyNex5N with the 25mm Voigtlander or the LeicaM35mm

    A lens fixed to the body is an advantage, and dust is dificult to get in, because we don’t attach and reattach lenses

    Good lesson

    1. Very Interesting article Cameron, Simplifying is sometimes best. Too much kit confusing. Although I have an XT10 with two or three lenses, I recently purchased a XM1 and a 27mm pancake, secondhand mint for £250, what a bargain now! But more important shooting with a small pocketable camera using waist level technique with a prime all the time. getting some really nice shots.

      Keep up the good work,

      Bset regards Richard.

  2. I have somewhat the same problem, but I decided to stick with the X-Pro2 and sell the X100T. The new sensor and fast AF left “a lot” to be desired when it came to the X100T, but I will most likely be picking up the X100F or whatever it will be.

  3. So this should have been titled “why is sold my remaining Fuji gear”, and the answer simple….bought too much stuff….

    1. I also really liked the D-109 and feel its a great camera. It was nice that the focal lengths were like steps in the zoom range. Looking forward to seeing the successor to it (soon?).

  4. you forgot to mention the TRUE high speed sync with the LEAF SHUTTER of the X100T as the main reason pros love the hell outta the X100T

  5. I do love my XC27/2.8 as well, but find most of the time I’ve got the XF18/2 on my X-E2 honestly.

    I’m very eager to see the new XF23/2WR in October and am in desperate hopes that Fuji will introduce an X-E3 with a flip LCD at some point in the future. Such a camera with the 23/2 mounted would be just about perfection for my style of shooting. (and I’d have the option to use any of my other lenses when needed as well.)

  6. This is the problem with photography today: too many choices, compounded by excellent zoom lenses that never allow one to develop a feeling for prime lenses. So I am glad that FUJIFILM has started to release smaller versions of their prime lenses, because in all honestly if I had wanted a lens with paper-thin DoF I’d have stuck with Canon’s 5D series and L-primes. Currently an X-T1 and a 35mm f/2 lens is all that I use most times.

  7. I recently considered selling my xpro 1 with associated lens and go back to the x100 series for the same reasons …but because I prefer the 27mm field of view stuck with the xpro1…but did sell the rest of my gear…so now have one Fuji camera and one lens ..just not fixed

  8. On a recent two week trip to Washington state I left the X-E2 and three zooms at home and took the X100T as my primary camera and the oly EM-1 with the Pany 14-140 zoom to use both as back up and to fill any missing focal lengths. Of my 2000 images, 1400 (70%) were from the X100T. I was quite surprised actually but have concluded it fits my style nicely. —Peter

      1. Cam, I haven’t posted images yet on my photography site, but I did write a two week blog during the two week state of Washington (USA) trip. Most of the images were with the X100T. I’ve included some good pix plus others just there to tell the story of our travels. Some maps too. High points were Olympic National Park, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier. Blog is at:

        Regards, Peter

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