Winter Storms

I have not been out to the coast for a few weeks but we have had some pretty decent storms recently and it has really taken its toll. Especially on the large sand dunes at Port Waikato. A property next to it also looked in danger and signs of coastal erosion. Now sitting as “beach front” as anyone could wish for.

The surf tower that you can see in the first photo is now in danger of being washed away. It has been moved back at least once in the past and now it finds itself again in a critical position.

It was a great opportunity to shoot my new wide angle lens and even though it was pretty darn cold and windy I stuck it out through sunset and into the blue hour.

I was again reminded that the extra effort is worth it as I was about to call it a night, a 4wd pickup suddenly appeared from the distance. Back from exploring or fishing down the coastline with its headlights on. It looked like a scene from another planet or sci-fi movie with the large dunes and washed up debris across the sand as the headlights pushed through the salty haze from the sever ocean wash.

Thanks again for checking my work out, Cam.



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