2012 the fast & slow

Wow, where has this year gone.

This year ive definately slowed down in taking photos, have changed over to nikon equipment and am taking bit of a year off after the stress that was last year, i got to a point where i felt expected to produce photos, and instead it felt like work. ive had a good break, with ALOT of riding most weekends. i hope i can return to taking some great photos in the future.

i made a sweet little video when i was on holiday at our beach place at cooks beach just trying out the video features of the nikon D5100. im still such a noob with editing and understanding how processing all works. like with everything in life we are mostly self taught, yet some people strive and produce amazing work with very little practise. i wish i was one of those people!

anyway enjoy the video and check out my http://www.flickr.com/oncam to see what ive been up to & hopefully find i guess more thought and quality in my photos this year.

thanks for checking in on my page, will hope to bring you some better work shortly as i have recently purchased a go pro hero 2 to use on my bikes and have some cool ideas in the pipeline!.



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