My first time Nikon Kit- On a Budget D5100

Thought id post up a couple of photos that Ive taken this year with my “re thought out camera kit” swapped from the canon 7d over to Nikon gear. Originally i wanted the D7000 but availability and impatience forced me into the cheaper D5100.

Kit consists of: D5100 + Nikon 35mm 1.8 + Nikon 70-300 VR

Its a nice change being so light especially with just the 35mm 1.8 lens attached! pretty much forget its there walking around, also being super compact an inconspicuous! & very surprised but produces some brilliant photos. The 7d was pretty epic but for what i need this camera can do it so far, if not better!!

I never liked the idea of the fold out screen but ive used it quite a bit! i have big hands and it does feel quite tiny however the image quality is mind blowing for a cheap entry mid consumer crop body & same as the D7000. So if your not worried about all the extra bulk, functions, and price of the D7000 the D5100 will produce the same quality photos!

This kit was the best value for money setup i could find that would cover a wide range of interests as you can see. I see it time & time again, people who are new to photography splashing out on the latest and greatest full frames, L series lens, 5x external flashes and forget that photography is just about producing art, images, memories, emotion etc.

I think i spent $2500nzd all up

Dont get tied up in having $20k worth of gear, enjoy what you can afford and at the end of the day its you behind the camera who is going to make the biggest difference.










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