Hey Im Cameron Mead, Kiwi, born an have lived in New Zealand my whole life.

I have been interested in Art, Design and Photography for the last 10+ years, 5th to 7th form Bursary painting at high school, some design work and now enjoying some photography for the past 5 or so years.

Currently using a Canon 7D which im loving, using a Tamron 17-50 2.8f, Canon 50mm 1.8f and a Canon 70-200 F4 L, also have a 430ex and a few filters.

Im friendly approachable and respectfull yet hard working an honest who enjoys a nice sunny weekend with my girlfriend, racing and driving cars, motorbikes, family and friends. Other Hobbies Include music, most sports, motorsport, technology, magazines, beaches & gaming.

i enjoy nice clean and simple things, love the new designs, and fashons that come about, while adding my own style and ideas.

i have been published in NZPerformance Car Magazine, with a couple of Track Day Features that i snapped 2007/08. I have fun entering photo competions and shooting with mates on weekends at various events and learning from the guys who have been behind a camera for years.

Always looking to improve my work, with every photo.


Auckland Grammar School 5th Form School C & 7th Form Bursary
The University of Auckland – Bachelor of Arts Degree, Geography, Science & Technology, English, Music, Anthropology, Philosophy, History


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I see you use a Tokina 80-400 lens. I’m looking at getting one as looks like they are good bang for your buck. Question? Can you use it handheld for sports, say footy. What is it like – limitations etc? No IS is not much of an issue as shoot around 1/800 or faster. I use a Canon 55-250IS on a Canon 30D and find it’s crisp, but slow on autofocus and 250mm is not long enough, so was looking at the Tokina for more reach. Would appreciate your comments on the lens?

    1. Hey,

      the Tokina 80-400 has very nice colour, and extreemly sharp and solid build is awesome being so compact yet still with 400mm reach.
      limitiations – its also slowish with AF but fast enough if your panning, it has a 2 meter minimal focus length which can be annoying, but other than that its pretty nice, i want a 70-200 F4L but 200 is just not long enough for any sports. a monopod would be ideal with this lens but have no problem using it handheld.
      it is a tad soft at 400mm also, but used at 370mm its fine

  2. Hey Cameron i see you have only loaded afew pics on flicker of the open day at puke this sat just gone 30th. you got afew of john on r1 did you get any of a black gsxr1000, black fireblade and blue r6?

    1. hey man yes i do have a few ill go through them tonight, not sure how well they turned out need to have a proper look, will post them up tonight on flickr most likely, what were you riding?

  3. i was riding the dc suzuki if you have anymore pics you could send samples to my email i could have a look at and possibly purchase some mean shots would be good. cheers

  4. hey, i see you like the zx6’s, yours looks mean, i am the rider on 08 green machine, there’s a pic on your flicker nice shot. is there any good one from the last last Pukekohe track day think 27 november. had a really good ride that day. 1.10 go the six.


  5. hey man i saw some off those pis you took at paeroa,awsome shot.i am #6 on the motard was wondering if i could get that pic its sick.

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