Japan Camera Hunter Auckland

Bellamy Hunt “Japan Camera Hunter” was invited to Metro Gallery Auckland to speak about everything film photography including collecting cameras, his own stunning JCH 400 film and the unique customization of cameras. Leica also brought along a collection of gear for a hands on experience earlier in the day which sadly I couldn’t attend.

I did get to shoot a with a 262 monochrome before the talk and afterwards my friend Richard & I were inspired and went on a quick walk around the city with his Leica M6 and the JCH Streetpan 400 for some street photography. I had my Fujifilm X100T with me to take some snaps along the way.

Surprisingly Bellamy gave me a roll of his JCH 400 after the talk so will be looking forward to loading it into my Nikon F3 soon!

You can also watch the Vlog Richard made here from the days event in the link below!

Evening With Japan Camera Hunter | Leica Afternoon + Give away!

When photographers get together..( Richard with enough cameras to document the evening)

JCH Event Akl4JCH Event Akl2JCH Event AklJCH Event Akl3JCH Event Akl5DSCF5377DSCF5303DSCF5309DSCF5310DSCF5355DSCF5373DSCF5328DSCF5300M6


My first shot using a Leica M6 + JCH400 Film


Me shot by Richard with JCH400 (shot on Leica M6)

DSCF5295Richard with his Leica M6 (shot on x100t)



2 thoughts on “Japan Camera Hunter Auckland

  1. Nice post.

    I’ve read quite a bit of Bellamy Hunt collection and adventures… he sure has a lot of fun. And your blog relelected that sprit!

    I recently visited Auckland. The street picture taking there is great. So many fun thing to take images of and super friendly folks.


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