Fujifilm Pro 400H Roll – Nikon F3

I have to say I think this might be my favorite colour film yet.  I just love the pastel tones you get with it. It is well known for great portrait skin tones but it does everything well in my opinion. Greens and blues look really nice as well.

In this roll there are always a few of Austin who is coming up 2 years old next month, a snap of him playing with his cousin Sam. I spent half a day walking around the waterfront of Auckland and lower CBD area. A couple of Chinese war ships were holding the fort for a few days which were seriously impressive, armed with weapons and all.

A couple of Austin in the stands at the local racetrack watching a couple of lonely race cars circulate which is his new favorite past time & some late evening landscapes in there to finish the roll off.

I just picked up some Ektar 100 & Tri X 400 so deciding what to throw in next!





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