Lets not forget the X100T or Monochrome

Since we have the arrival of the new Fujifilm X100F there has been a lot of hype around the web as per usual with any new camera release. Sayings like “the Acros mode is just absolutely fantastic with amazing tonality, and light-level-based grain control!” (we already felt this way once before when the X100T was released with the new classic chrome), and Fuji go and do it again to us with the X100F introducing the Acros film simulation with grain!

There probably a few X100 die hards out there feeling a bit insecure that there is a better, more handsome and smoother performing replacement out there. I often see many people justifying that their current camera is still good, or its not enough of a change to trade up. Perhaps its not, Perhaps i’m as insecure about the new X100F as you are. But here is one reason to celebrate with the one you already have in your hand!

One thing I know after using a few black and white 35mm films is that the Fujifilm Monochrome simulation has never failed to disappoint me in the X100 cameras.

I’ve really been enjoying shooting film on my Nikon F3 lately so I wanted to see if like many people say you can, just shoot Jpeg and be happy with the images & also pay homage to the original monochrome simulation that has just been pushed under the rug since Acros in the new Fujifilm releases. I spent a couple of days just shooting in monochrome and jpeg only, so what you see here is straight off the X100T camera.

So here are 24 exposures of Fujifilm Monochrome straight out of camera.




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