X100T does Cathedral Cove NZ

Cathedral Cove in Hahei New Zealand is one of those must do tourist spots. It’s only the second time I’ve visited and I have been coming to the area for many years. Why? I guess for me, its not that much different to the other beaches in the area. Yes its secluded & has some awesome rock features but its also full of tourists.

For me its not a nice place to chill out. Everyone is there scoping out the area to see what its all about and taking selfies and photos. Its nice to see the council has paved the entire track into it now which helps with the 45 minute walk. So lets see what all the fuss is about, I took the Fujifilm X100t along and it did a great job to document this beautiful wonder of NZ.

Things start of with some amazing views from the car park alone with 180 deg vistas as you can see in the first three photos of views from right to left. Be sure to get there early to get a parking spot otherwise there is a park n ride service but I’m not sure its always running outside of peak holiday times.

Photos were edited with a Fuji 400H simulation, I really wish Fujifilm would add this to their cameras!



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