Wharf Jumping with X100t

A beautiful summer evening in Maraetai just 30 minutes from Auckland city watching families and kids jumping off the wharf as the sun set and kissed the sea and surrounding landscape.

The X100t is the perfect camera for capturing a range of scenarios here and of course the beautiful film simulations bring out the best of any environment. Classic Chrome is my go to for those beachy shots, while Velvia was used during sunset to really make those sky colours pop!




4 thoughts on “Wharf Jumping with X100t

  1. My goodness I want the x100 so bad. It does so well.
    I have been so close to buying one multiple times.
    I have watched quite a few reviews but what do you have to say about it?

    1. Hi Justin, I have been really surprised with it, I feel the lens matches really nicely and has character that is unique and exceeded all expectations. I have also owned the xf23 1.4 on an XE2 which is near perfect optically but prefer this for that reason plus the form factor is much much nicer. I wouldn’t hesitate, in fact I would love to get the new x100f in time. It is a little slow at times in auto focus & it can still miss focus at times. I would love it to be as fast & accurate as say a gx8 which is lightening quick, Also the new x100f has the bigger battery which would be nice, I always carry an extra just in case.

      1. The original X100 is a great camera, some say it has the better sensor even at 12mp. If you can try stretch for for the X100s its a lot closer to the newer T & F and should all be coming down in price with the new F released anyway

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