B&W Film on holiday!

Day 2 of our week long holiday in the beautiful Coromandel of NZ I shot a roll of Kodak 400tx which is just stunning. I am totally in love with this film and every time I get a roll developed I love it even more.

The film got a little damaged while rewinding it? anyway it seemed to mostly come out ok but a few vertical lines in a few frames.

Walks on the beach were a daily occasion, we took a quick ferry ride over to Whitianga which was the first time we had taken Austin on a boat which he really enjoyed!

A quick play on the playground which had a little pirate ship and then I head out to see the tourists digging for thermal springs at hot water beach. It was bitterly cold but there were some keen tourists in search of warm water in the sands.

A quick stop by Cathedral cove carpark and look out I shot some of the big island outcrops, it had been a long time since I had visited so the view came as a suprise to me. I wouldn’t mind checking out that epic house on the very top of the cliff. What a view..

Austin was into his crackers when I arrived home and I couldn’t resist taking a shot as he clowned around on the couch. As always loves his bath before bed. One of my favorite photos of him is the last in this set which I am just in love with. Amazing what some good light and b&w film can achieve on a 30 year old camera.




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