Weekend Chills & Retro Frills

We got in a little winter escape away recently to our holiday home in the Coromandel of New Zealand. It is literally once of the most amazing places I have ever been to ever in this world and I’m so lucky to share this amazing spot with our family at certain times of the year for most of my life.

Sure the beach is not somewhere many think of going in the middle of winter but I can assure you its a slice of paradise any time of the year. Especially when you wake up and its white like a winter wonderland. I will include a couple film snaps from the previous post here anyway to help tell the story. ( yes i took all three of my cameras this weekend.)

I also have somewhat begun to appreciate shooting film a lot more, and that comes with appreciating old things and how film just etches them into a time period of history. Who is going to remember these old things if no one takes any photos to document them. Digital just doesn’t quite have this same capture feel when they sit on your hard drive as a file so easy to delete.  There are many old 60-70’s style holiday homes that are still in good shape worth a capture as they sit pretty close to the salty shores of Cooks Beach.

One day these will be gone as many already are in place of million dollar town houses. I feel as a photographer and revisiting holiday maker an obligation to record some of this history, to at least show my children who will be the next generation of beach bums over the years to come. Austin has already had his first summer here and will be even more excited this year as he should be walking and running on the sand and splashing about in the cool water!

Enjoy the photos, feel free to leave any comments & subscribe. I also have recently updated my portfolio if you wish to check it out at http://www.cameronmead.net
















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