Quick shot Comparison, Fuji VS Canon

I just wanted to share my very basic thoughts and unscientific findings between the two systems and the final images that they output with a couple of quick samples.

I have both the Fujifilm XE2 with the xtrans2 sensor (16mp) and the Canon 70d with the 20.2mp sensor. Both in the “crop” sensor class and both delivering quite different results.

There’s a lot more to compare than just image quality but for years now Canon have been rubbished for lacking behind in image quality then Fuji comes along and suddenly everyone says its incredible. Here are my findings at least.

While I do prefer the output of the Fuji most of the time especially with portraits, landscapes have always said to lack detail and foliage is painterly or blurry. Yes there are said to be better raw converters to deal with the Fuji files but I’m a fan of Adobe Camera Raw and it’s natural and enjoyable to use for me after many years. It has improved a lot since day one but I still feel I’m working with an oil painting sometimes more than a photograph.

I shot these two photos one after another both using the 18-55 lens wide open. The Fuji has the more expensive lens with faster aperture of f2.8-4 compared to Canon’s 18-55 STM which is only f3.5-5.6

One thing to note however are the exposures. Shooting both at ISO 640 the Canon only required 1/50 at f3.5 while the Fuji needed 1/45 even at f2.8.

Both photos were edited with the same colour balance, exposures, highlights, shadows etc and identical sharpening & zero noise reduction.


Fuji XE2 18mm Exposure 1/45 f2.8 iso 640


Canon 70d 18mm Exposure 1/50 f3.5 iso 640


Approximate 100% crops of each.







The Fuji is noticeably a softer image, less details resolved, but has better noise control showing smoother skin. It’s a creamy, richer almost full frame look which I like here and can be sharpened up a little in Camera Raw but I don’t see the same crispness as the Canon at the same sharpening settings.

At a distance or normal viewing on your laptop its fine. It also has a magenta tone to the final output even with all the colour and tonal settings exact. Perhaps this is the lens type or coatings?

The Canon, even though 4mp higher in resolution, it has quite a bit more detail and the sharper final image. The eyes, eyelashes and hair strands are easily sharper than the Fuji image. The final output also has a somewhat greener tone to it.

Although admittedly photos were taken a little slow in shutter speed for 100% crops, I’m confident in what I’m showing you was actually a still subject (apart from hand movement), both lenses also had IS turned on.

Don’t forget this is also an $800 Fuji lens compared to a $200 Canon.

I may include or update with a landscape sample to show you how you can recover highlights or push shadows with both sensors and again show you the differences especially with foliage.





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