Cheap Camera Challenge

You may have seen the episodes of “Cheap Camera Challenge” on Digital Rev’s You Tube channel where they get professional photographers to capture what they can with cameras that are questionable as a camera such as Lego or Barbie or those plastic toy ones.

We purchased this camera for my wife about 6 years ago in Australia I think before we even had an Iphone and probably used it 3 times since new. Its not really that bad of a camera but I would say the Iphone can nearly match the image quality.  Not enough of a gain to carry it around for most.

I thought I would charge it up and give it a run over the day to see what we could do with it. 6 years is a long time in progress of the camera and image quality but it fared a little better than expected.

The Jpeg’s actually have a little bit of room to push shadows. With VSCO filters and or Instagram you can really make the photos look pretty ok, especially if you use Film simulations where it has some heavy grain and vintage coloring anyway. Iso 800 was really the limit for usability combined with the slow lens meant indoor shooting was pretty poor.

Personally I cant stand using my Iphone to take photos, but I do love the time lapse feature and its handy for taking photos of websites to look up later or details you see on the go. But if your into taking photos you know your level of quality that your happy with. This means either carrying a full frame camera or an Iphone or something good enough in between.

I took a few random shots before we then headed out to the beach.

I also took the Canon 70d +70-300mm lens with us because you never know what might turn up on these adventures. I have included two photos at the bottom which I really love.

Cheap Camera – Nikon S4000


Results shooting the Coolpix s4000!!


I’m so glad I brought my 70d along for this trip, I ALMOST didn’t get to take these photos.

Just goes to show you will miss out if you don’t push the situation.



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