Manukau Heads Lighthouse

This is one of New Zealand’s public accessible lighthouses and offers a great view point sitting 115m above sea level on the west coast of NZ not far out of Auckland.

New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster occurred just offshore from this lighthouse in 1863 when HMS Orpheus ran aground on the Manukau Bar and sank with the loss of 189 lives.[2] The area remains dangerous for watercraft with large waves at times as you head out across a sand bar section into the Tasman Sea.

It is however a favorite Sunday drive through rolling hills and farmland to see a spectacular body of water and large land masses.

We quickly stopped on the main road heading home to take a couple of photos of the beautiful little Kohekohe church. “A Presbyterian Church that was used from 1886 to 1978. The building is still used, and available for hire. A glimpse of the West Coast and the Tasman Sea is shown behind the church.”

IMG_7196IMG_7207IMG_7200IMG_7208Manukau Heads_DxOFPIMG_7171




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