TX 400 Fresh Film Pics

There’s not much in photography more satisfying than getting a roll of film back. This was literally shot over 6 months so I was pleasantly suprised to see some photos that I had long forgotten about.

I absolutely love the look of the Tri X 400, Although some are a little under exposed due to guessing & having no light meter im pretty happy with a few of them. I also have another roll on standby however I have just loaded a Portra 400 though so looking forward to working my way through that.

I still have a dream of buying a Leica M6 and shooting more film. On one hand I love having to wait for the results, on the other I love shooting and editing right away while I am still excited from the day shooting.

This set of 6 was from Shooting at Karioitahi Beach


This set of 4 was shot during a weekend away at Cooks Beach. They had just cut down one of the largest pine trees I have ever seen. Austin about 4 months old..


This set of 3 was shot on my way out to shoot the photos as seen in my previous post “Summer Rain Gods” It was a little side road only gravel that was pretty remote. Would love to explore more of these roads in the future. It was pretty eerie with all the mist around.


Of course a little set of Austin from first week old when I loaded the film, up to almost 6 months old.


I actually drove 45 minutes one day to take a photo of this sign. If you live in NZ you will know how iconic this retail store was especially if your an 80’s kid. It was basically like a small version of Walmart. The sign still stands proud, located in Huntly.

A couple of product shots as well. Mm hamburgers..


It always comes down to what to do with the last 5 shots on the roll, this time I was patient not to waste them just to get the roll done. My mate Blair and I headed out on a freezing cold night to take some long exposure photos of a new recreational area & bridge near the city. I grabbed a couple of hand held shots as the sun was setting.



One thought on “TX 400 Fresh Film Pics

  1. Digging the shot of the park bench and the gravel road ones. Nice atmosphere!

    Leica M6 is on my lustlist too, have settled for a Canonet Ql19 though. Keeping my eye out for QL17s at sharp prices too.

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