Surf mode 2016

The first day of 2016 saw me out in the El Nino weather getting shots of surfers at Hot Water Beach. The weather was absolutely atrocious over the New Years period bringing a pretty big swell to the east coast of NZ specifically the Coromandel. After sitting inside at the holiday home we opted for some fresh but humid air.  My umbrella girl came with me to try and keep the lens dry and we went to see what we could get!

The first and last shots are actually from the next day when the weather was nicer for a walk along the beach but helps to tell a little more of the story.

I hope to get a little more into it this year, would love to pick up a bit longer lens perhaps a 100-400. I also plan to get out to a couple of competition rounds and perhaps a little more travel to check out a couple of certain surf breaks around the county.

It was all pretty messy but these guys were making the most of it.













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