Summer Rain Gods

I once read “when the conditions are poor, get out and shoot! It makes for great photo opportunities” or something along those lines. That’s what I was telling myself anyway as I was driving out to my local surf spot at Port Waikato. Thankfully the Canon 70d is partially water resistant and well it gives me an excuse to upgrade lenses if any of those decide to stop working.

Part of the excitement is you never really know what your going to encounter. Tide, waves, surfers, new things washed up on shore etc. So you can imagine I was stoked with Fridays effort. We had misty rain, surfers & a 9 stop ND filter to capture some water flowing around the rocks at dead low tide!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics, it is officially summer here now in New Zealand not that the photos would suggest. It sounds like this El Nino weather pattern is going to play havoc with us this year and bring more rain than normal but we should be grateful as it offers interesting shooting conditions far from the norm plus the farmers should be happy haha.











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