Streets of California

After watching the “Everybody Street” documentary I got a little inspired.

Street photography is not a new thing but has somewhat become more known especially with the internet and as photography grows in awareness with instagram etc.

I’ve been a fan for a long time but it’s hard to really study work on flickr as noticeably in this genre there seems to be a huge mess when done poorly which just burns my eyes and I lose interest fast. Definitely against my clean, structured style & predominantly black and white. They say its the hardest type of photography and for good reason, how do you create structure in a photo from un-predictable chaos in a split second.  It takes years and many shots to perfect so by all means don’t expect greatness here!

It seems like black and white is an almost given for street photography. Some say it makes any photo look “good” but I think it helps the eye to stay focused on what is usually chaos in a scene especially if your not camping. (Waiting for the subject to walk into a set scene) It helps to still apply composition the best you can & let the eye flow through the frame to a subject.

I’m not a huge fan of some styles or approaches to street photography but there is no right or wrong. To me the Bruce Gilden approach of jumping into the face of a person with an off camera flash held high in one hand is insane. Yet it works. My approach here is as inconspicuous as possible with my small Fuji XE2. But even then I would have not hesitated to use a dslr, perhaps results would differ but hard to say.

For me personally my favorite style is in colour film, I really love the tones of say the Portra 400 which is a signature of Erik Kim. If your interested hit the link for his blog which offers some amazing advice & lots of free info to get you started and up to speed.  My favorite black & white street photographer is Rinzi Ruiz so check out his flickr for some well thought out clean high contrast street work.

All photos were shot on XE2 then edited with Kodak Tri X 400 film filter. There were so many amazing opportunities but I really was not focused on the task of purely street, this was just our holiday which you can see more from in my flickr album “LA & Sanfrancisco”


4_DxOFP5a_DxOFP10_DxOFPChinatown 3 San Fran_DxOFP1430 San Fran_DxOFPDSCF6594DSCF6607DSCF6608DSCF6611DSCF6612DSCF6614DSCF6837DSCF6849DSCF6848DSCF6886Walking Billboard_DxOFPDSCF7221DSCF7223DSCF7225DSCF7239DSCF7247Echo Park 3_DxOFPRobin Williams_DxOFPRodeo DR_DxOFPSanFran California St Tram_DxOFPVeyron_DxOFPVenice Skaters_DxOFP21402445751_baf8c1df69_o_DxOFP


6 thoughts on “Streets of California

    1. yea a couple were with the 35 1.4, or 27 2.8 but most with the 18-55. its faster, quieter and shooting at 18mm is pretty solid for tight space streets. Super easy to go to 55mm for a quick portrait or something just a bit further off. It just locks focus fast too unlike the primes.

      1. Ahh nice! I still have the 18-55mm here that I gotta sell to recover from the 16-55 purchase. On the lookout for a cheap 27mm because it pairs so well with the X-E bodies (Still have the old X-E1 along with my X-T1 :D). I found that one quite snappy for focus on my first X-T1, maybe when the X-E2 gets its FW update you’ll change your mind hah.

        The guy on the bench with his radio (3rd from top) is my pick from this set, although Captain America is gold hah.

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