5 Minutes with the Leica Dlux 109

A very quick pop into the local camera store while passing by to have a hands on lunch date with the compact Leica Dlux 109.

This camera is as serious as the Sony RX100iv but is has not received the same hype. It shoots 4k video internally and has a Leica DC VARIO- Summilux zoom lens with a fast 1.7-2.8 lens into a bigger micro 4:3 based 12.8mp sensor.

Maximum Apertures at each focal length are:

24mm f1.7

28mm f2.1

35mm f2.3

50mm f2.7

75mm f2.8

The best part here is there is a zoom stepping ring included on the lens body which by a small turn either way will step you up or down to the next focal length, sort of like swapping prime lenses without ever missing that opportunity due to the agonizing time between lens changes.

If you want standard point and shoot operation of zoom there is always the standard W-T toggle switch in front of the shutter button.

The body houses an EVF with manual aperture control ring on the lens, exposure compensation +3 to-3 dial on top and also manual shutter speed. It also has full Auto button for handing it over to your “I should have been a photographer” Mum. The EVF is usable, not as nice as what Fuji has on offer and would need some more time especially outdoors with it just to make sure id be completely happy using it.

It’s a pretty serious little camera, it even comes with an external hot shoe flash that fits in your pocket & the opportunity to use a serious flash.

WiFi is also included which is an essential if your an Instagram user who loves to shoot and share when your on the go.

Image quality is pretty good for the crappy mixed lighting of the camera shop so samples were mostly shot at iso 800. Only a small +5 or 10 noise reduction in Photoshop and some contrast and exposure tweaks to get them to my liking.

Shadows and Highlights can be pushed or recovered pretty well. Highlight recovery is really amazing while pushing shadows can be done you do expose some noise. Pretty standard really and manageable.

Everything was shot wide open.  I would expect some more clarity by stopping down one stop but it still gives some pretty crispy looking files and colour is also really nice. Skin tones and reds are on point, even coming from the nice Fujifilm Astia tones.

A couple of photos were edited further just to see how the files looked when you got it wrong. I thought my Fuji XE2 was going to be a take everywhere camera but I feel something like this versatile, potent and engaging Leica Dlux 109 definitely would be especially with the zoom range of 24-75 equivalent.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts especially if you have this camera I’d love to hear your user experience. It also looks pretty sweet with a nice leather & stitched case too.

Side note: I also managed to hold the NEW and Internet breaking Leica SL + 24-90 lens (pics included). I even got to experience the SL with the official Leica white gloves.  The battery was not fitted so obviously I was not going to buy something I could not try first. (turns nose up).

TP-DLUX 1_zps5cwyz4p8


75mm f2.8 iso 800


35mm f2.3 iso 800


50mm f2.7 iso 800


50mm f2.7 iso 800


50mm f2.7 iso 800


28mm f2.1 iso 800


35mm f2.3 iso 800


50mm f2.7 iso 800


50mm f.27 iso 800


75mm f2.8 iso 400


24mm f1.7 iso 400


100% Crop from the above 24mm  f1.7 iso 400

Raw Before:


Raw After Edit:


Highlights recovered and shadows pushed! NR +20

24mm 1.7 iso 800

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