Afternoon at the Zoo

Just a quick afternoon at the Auckland zoo to get out of the house and go for a walk around with our little Austin, although he mostly slept it is nice time spent together as a new family.

I wasn’t really there to take photos but I grabbed a couple with my Canon 70d, Zoo’s aren’t really my “thing” and would much rather travel & snap animals in the wild. The caged life is a bit saddening to me, but the conservation programs are a good thing for endangered species etc.

The Auckland Zoo is really one of the best iv’e been too and definitely worth checking out if your in town.

Lenses: 70-300 USM IS & Canon 50 1.8 stm

IMG_4415_DxOFP IMG_4413 IMG_4359_DxOFP IMG_4410 IMG_4408 IMG_4384

We always find the ice cream!

IMG_4375_DxOFP IMG_4370_DxOFP IMG_4364_DxOFP IMG_4354 IMG_4418Week 14

Someone enjoyed themselves!


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