Isolation West Coast of NZ

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve never really enjoyed the wild west coastine of New Zealand that much especially when we are so fortunate to have the stunning east coast with golden sand beaches and calmer blue waters perfect for kayaking & fishing etc. But the west has a wilder, free, isolated feel to it that cant really be described. It urges you to explore and feel so much freedom while you do it.  The West beaches many kilometers long usually with big surf & sand dunes. You can even legally drive your car, horse or dirt bike along them which I plan to do at some stage.  I cant compare the two coasts like this for the whole of NZ coastline, just the areas that I visit regularly.

The best thing about revisiting Sunset beach just 30 min from my house (Port Waikato) is that it challenges you to find new angles or locations and really pushes you to explore what is around the area, again after the numerous times I’m only really scratching the surface to what is there, let alone the constant change in conditions, activities and surf that allows for a new photo opportunity. It’s also one of the best places to just let the wild windy conditions blow away the stresses of the day, perfect for after work adventure!

I probably have enough photos now for a small gallery out there one day, but I also feel like i have so much more to capture. It has crossed my mind and may be something I will look at doing in the near future.

IMG_2847 IMG_2825

IMG_3847 IMG_3816 IMG_3842 IMG_3853

IMG_3860 IMG_3923


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