Sunday Drives & Waterfalls

The weekends are pretty tied up now with our new little man and my week is pretty full on so its nice to be able to get out for a drive, blow the cobwebs off for a couple of hours, explore and take some photos. Both of which are a huge passion of mine. I’ve been fortunate this week to get out and shoot on two separate occasions so we must be doing something right. I will follow this up with another post this week!

I’ve nearly owned the RX8 for 3 years and has been truly so awesome. Every time I take it out is just so enjoyable to drive. Even with the slightly thirsty nature of the beast it puts a smile on my face. It definitely is a car that divides opinions, but for me it is a drivers car that can run hard on a Sunday drive, around a track, to the grocery store all with four passengers if you wish, but now it even takes a baby seat in the back and still looks pretty good doing it when you sing to the red line of 9,000rpm within that big beautiful rev dial.


I decided to head out to see the Hunua Falls which gives me a good little run through some twisty roads to see the pretty sweet waterfall and even be home for lunch!.. but first coffee (flat white) & some high octane fuel for the Mazda.

DSCF3928 DSCF3927

Shortly after the fuel up I pulled over to grab a quick photo, always a tough thing for me as I just want to drive! Also i’m pretty average at finding those epic roadside photo opportunities.


It’s only a quick 30 minute drive from my house to the waterfall but it’s a twisty one all the way with not too much traffic!

DSCF3937 DSCF3988DSCF3975

It was pretty early in the morning but by the time I was finished taking photos there was quite a few people coming to check out the park. It had also been closed for a few weeks due to some council pest management in the region so I guess people were hanging out to visit.

I had just picked up a new ND grad filter to help with those nice silky waterfall effects so I got to put that to good use after a short 5 min walk to the waterfall.









There’s always something interesting to see if you look hard enough & on this occasion there was a duck with about 8 tiny ducklings all swimming in a line right towards the bottom of the waterfall! I guess swimming into the strong current for practise but the severity of the crashing water & spray made me think – wow those guys are keen! haha

On the way home I snapped a couple more pics, one of this really REALLY old little farm shack, and then I stopped for more RX8 pics on a little one way bridge up a side road. Just as I got out about a dozen exotic cars were all in convoy making the most of the twisty road. It was a glorious sight and sound in the middle of “piece and quiet.”

DSCF4010 DSCF3998 DSCF3995


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