Hampton Downs 6 Hour Enduro

Hampton Downs was host to the 2nd round of the Mahindra Endurance Series on Saturday 27.6.15.

With three races in one (1,3 & 6 hour) the event saw quite a variance of machinery but this is an endurance event so the fastest cars do not always place well let alone finish!. The conditions for the day were perhaps perfect, icy winds would allow cooler track temps with reduced wear on tires & everything mechanical plus drivers physical condition in the cockpit. Plus the rain stayed away!

The grid was packed with over 45 entries. On one hand you have the bigger budget teams with professional international spec cars built to exceed most prolonged abuse built with the best parts available, & on the other you have the smaller “kiwi shed built” cars. These smaller budget teams reaching the 1 or 3 hour let alone the 6 hour mark is a huge challenge & accomplishment in itself.  Even a couple of the big teams ran into problems & did not finish which is just the nature of the beast.

It it was really exceptional to see the level of cars this year flourishing on the NZ motor sport scene, also there is hope that the sport will continue to boom as new investments look very promising for the future.

All photos are copyright and are not to be used or shared without permission. Thank you.

GridIMG_1407 Safety Car  Car 777IMG_1609IMG_1164Car 70IMG_1881Car 98IMG_1817

IMG_12882Car 5

Ian Hayr wins the 1 hr race in his Porsche 997 GT3


Pit lane shortly becomes a flurry with the 1 hour cars finishing and other cars beginning to pit with driver swaps & refueling.

Pit Lane IMG_1675IMG_1680IMG_1364IMG_1695 IMG_13892 IMG_1380 IMG_1668  IMG_1335

While the race is over for some, the 3 & 6 hr competitors continue on the battle, some with fresh fuel and drivers.

IMG_1787IMG_1814 IMG_1716 IMG_1833

You could say it’s a long day in the seat for a few.IMG_1607IMG_1604

The insane Mosler MT900R driven by Simon Evans & Gene RollinsonIMG_1516


Inky Tulloch & John McIntyre in the Waterloo Camaro came home winners in the 3 hour race, this machine has some serious pace & it is really nice to see some American muscle to this extent here in NZ. It is a very rare sight for us and this is the pinnacle.

As time went on cars were starting to show wear, race tape holding the odd headlight & others were stricken to pit lane. Driver errors were also starting to show.



I managed to catch this spin of the Fillmore & Porter Porsche, which I also captured facing around the wrong way shortly after on the next corner up at the hairpin, perhaps trying to maximise tire life but the good thing about this is they went on to win the 6 hour race.  A couple of moments here and there are not overly detrimental to the result but even a small mind fade can have you facing backwards.


Congrats to the 6 Hour Race winner Fillmore & Porter in their 997 GT3 Porsche.


While I didn’t manage to hang around till the end of the 6 hour race, I did witness some of the best racing that I have seen here in NZ, and that’s 20 or so years of spectating both here and overseas. There is a pretty amazing & unique vibe about our scene just to be able to walk pit lane, around the garages and freely throughout the track to photograph some of the best teams & cars our little country has screwed together.

While there were over 45 cars entered I couldn’t show them all here but I may still have some of your team so get in touch!,  also if you would like to use or purchase any full res photos don’t hesitate to contact me: oncam31@gmail.com

Bonus images!

IMG_1347GTR Pit LaneIMG_1360R8 Front

IMG_13682 IMG_1316  IMG_1672 IMG_1690 IMG_1393 IMG_1855IMG_1871


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