Muriwai Surf NZ

Muriwai beach is a popular wild west coast location about 45 mins from Auckland, Close enough for an afternoon round trip. Usually I make this drive loaded with my CRF250R dirt bike for trail riding the nearby Woodhill Forest but I really wanted to check out the black sand beach & see what was going down!

It is also quite popular for its rock formation known as Gannet Rock. However being off season for bird breeding it was mostly free from any signs of wild life besides a couple of oyster catchers. Bird watchers were still around binoculars & long telephoto lenses equipped! The surf pounding off the rock was about as exciting as it was going to get for those bird watchers.

The swell was approx 3-4 ft and I couldn’t believe how many surfers were out getting into it. We checked out the popular Maori Bay side where the Carpark has an amazing overlook out to the beach from a very high cliff face, truly quite spectacular when you get out of the car. I’m sure the view from the powered paraglide buzzing overhead would have been insane!

The quick walk down & back up the cliff to the beach is manageable in jandals (Kiwi for flip flops) & the 32 week pregnant wife even took it in her stride without any complaints. I feel quite bad dragging here around as I love to push to explore and just go wherever I need to get the shot but you just make it up for it with bribes of french crepes later on for lunch and such 🙂

I hope you enjoy this set of pics, I wish i had a little more lens reach for the action but still managed to get a few action keepers.

Mur10   Mur7 Mur6 Mur8Mur9Mur5 Mur4 Mur2 Mur3

Mur12 Mur11 Mur1


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