West Coast – Revisited

Autumn or fall is in full swing here in New Zealand, thankfully I finish work little early and I am still able to get out and shoot before the sun sets (currently 5:30pm) on another day. I’ve really been enjoying the wild west coast lately. It is so large, so empty and I have barely laid a footprint.  Each time I venture out I find something a little new or different. I am yet to explore the adjacent vast dune area & would really like to shoot the estuary and pine forest area on the other side. Not to mention the many other popular west coast regions.

I have so many things to mention in this post, how much I love using my Fuji XE2, my thoughts on the new X-T10,  the Music that I listen too while editing & also leave you with a little advice.

– Shot using just the amazing little Fujifilm XE2 & the XF23 1.4 lens. I love it & always have withdraws from not shooting it!

– The X-T10 looks like a bargain & well worth buying as your first Fuji X Camera, or XT-1 backup or upgrade from XE1

– Photos edited while listening to Public Enemy, LL Cool J & Grand Master Flash

Spend that hour you have before dinner & just get outside a couple times a week. Even if it’s cold, windy, dark or just a walk around the block. It’s truly so invigorating, inspiring and more refreshing than you can imagine. Enjoy these pics!








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