Tap & Dye Leather Strap – Short Review

While the original Fujifilm strap on the XE2 is of a nice quality and size there is just something a little extra about having a genuine leather strap to suit the vintage design of the Fujifilm camera’s.

Tap & Dye hand-made leather straps are pretty well known on this style of camera and is pretty much the icing on the cake finishing off the retro design & look. I chose the black & natural and opted for the exact length of the oem strap.

One of the first things I noticed was the amazing smell of the leather. The rougher texture of the inside part of the strap really helps to keep it on your shoulder while the oem strap is rather slippery and wants to fall off.

The strap attachment rings appear to be a larger scale than the XE2 can take. They do not fit 100% the camera lugs and I think some people have removed the little inner section of the lug to create more room to allow both coils of the ring to fit. Unfortunately in the short time I had it directly attached the ring damaged the chrome on the lug and took it back to the brass. So now I have re-installed the oem triangle strap attachments & attached it to those.

One other thing is the fresh leather is quite stiff but appears to be easing up with some use. I did enjoy wrapping the oem strap around my wrist at times while you can not so easy yet with the Tap & Dye.  I see quite a few Fujifilm photographers are fond of the woven fabric soft straps so perhaps I will try one of those in the future but for now it’s a nice change and it looks great on the camera.

IMG_4345 IMG_4346

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


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