Sunset at Sunset

Port Waikato is a small mostly untainted West coast beach of New Zealand, about 40km from my house which is pretty close really for a location that I love shooting at sunset. Its also known as “Sunset Beach” for that very reason.

I’ve been coming out here for many years but since I prefer the calmer seas & white sands of the east coast its more just a new head space for a couple of hours rather than a holiday spot for me. But as a photographer it can offer a whole lot more than just a place to swim or holiday especially when you can just pop out there for an hour or so and get some really nice shots during those golden sunset moments.

While the area is usually very low key & quiet the surfers still show up to get their fix. Last night it proved that it is a top choice with at least ten surfers or so out enjoying the 3-4ft break. It definitely helps now with a couple of really good Apps suggesting wave height and surf-ability.  I guess that helps us all out chasing epic waves to shoot & surf and takes a bit of the guess work out of the equation!




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