Pacific Pearl

We spent the day in and around Auckland city revisiting some locations just finding an excuse to get out and shoot some more film! While I sit here and wait for the negatives, here is a little post from late in the day around the CBD waterfront area with the XF23 on the Fujifilm XE2.

I never get the chance to shoot any of the large luxury liners that dock on the ports of Auckland but always see my Flickr friends shooting them (with envy) so I was stoked to see we had timed our visit well!.  The Pacific Pearl was about to depart from Shed 10 for a cruise and we shot a few photos before the ropes were pulled. Sadly we didn’t have time to hang around and watch it depart.

It was possibly one of the most amazing Autumn days this year, fresh southerly wind but sunny offering a less intense lighting opportunity allowing everything to just pop with a beautiful crispness.  Stay tuned for some film coming towards the end of the week fingers crossed it all turns out !

P&OP&O2  P&O3P&O4Container Yard   Shed 10


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