Fuji X night with “Bokeh Monster”

Last night was the Fuji X photographer night at Progear in Auckland hosted by Sven aka Bokeh Monster.

It was a presentation style event to talk about his move to the system, show us his work and discuss the Fuji X equipment with the help of the NZ Fujifilm Rep. All the latest gear was on display for us just to pick up and shoot with any body combination and fire off a few shots around the Progear showroom. Complimentary beverages and canipes went down a treat. Some really high quality photography was shown on the slide show including some amazing portraits & band coverage with some very tricky lighting situations which were nailed to perfection!

At first I picked up the aging Xpro-1 with the xf35. Ashamed to say it I hadn’t actually handled the Xpro-1 before & with a lot of chatter of this being a bargain/piece of history, I was keen to check it out. I also got to try out the latest Bokehlicious xf56 APD, the new xf40-150 & xf16-50 “wedding zoom combo” & also the xf10-24 which was another surprising highlight for me. While I am a fan of the prime lenses I do really enjoy the Fuji zooms because they do offer exceptional quality. With all the talk about the size of them I can comment that I was quite surprised that they are not as big or heavy in the hand as I had first thought. Although I would definitely recommend the small or large grip options with all the bodies for these larger lenses.

Down the back of the room there was an amazing set of personal prints. I think that was truly the highlight for me seeing the insane, and I mean jaw dropping results of the Fuji X prints. Most of the time we are viewing photos on computer screens but i feel these were far superior to any Retina display. I have printed large pieces before but I truly now understand the meaning of “print your work”. Not at just a basic photo lab but professional quality. Words can not describe how amazing these prints were!.  I don’t know the full details but he has his own printing services which I will look into using.








“Sven – Bokeh Monster”


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