Final Part 3/3 of Never posted fresh edits from LA & SF

Finally here it is! The third and final part of some extra photos that I managed to pick out and get creative with. This complete little series of 15 photos are kinda like my grade B selection but I’m always surprised to find some who have different tastes really enjoy those “other” photos that I’m not overly crazy about. Editing and only posting your very best photos is important as a photographer while trying to move ahead so hopefully you find something that interests you! Thanks again for checking out my work!

You can view the full album of 81 photos here!!!

The whole vibe is so enjoyable around the Santa Monica Pier. It’s just a pier but it brings so many people together for a fun time, taking photos, riding roller coasters and chilling out . Shot in jpeg with the xf35 and edited a little.

We had an amazing stroll down a quiet Malibu Beach during the week after lunch at Neptunes Net. I’m sure its packed during the weekends! You can’t beat LA sun & sand between your toes. I felt the ocean here has its own personal vibe to it compared to back here in NZ. I think every beach or shoreline does.

Walking around San Fran Streets with the 27mm & a quick shot of the impressive Transamerica Pyramid Center.

You cant visit SF without a ride on the iconic tram system! Not only does it give the city character its a perfect way to get around quickly on foot.

Finally number 15 is here & that’s the end of my small extra selection from our trip!! After cycling all the way over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito we then decided to walk all the way from the pier up to Lombard Street. This hill was a killer on foot & then we see the tram! We should have taken the tram!!!

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