Part 2/3 of Never posted fresh edits from LA & SF

Right! here is the second part, sorry for the delay but have been extremely busy. I have a couple more blog posts coming up shortly so stay tuned! I hope you enjoy this little selection, this is kinda my second picking out of the overall highlights but still they fill the gaps for me & round out the album nicely.

On Hollywood Blvd this guy was staring straight up for a long time holding a takeaway dish open as though something was going to fall into it, actually just as i took the shot he looked down, I’m not sure what he saw but he caught my attention

Just around the corner from Rodeo Dr, we found a little ice cream shop on another roasting summer day. Some lovely architecture mixed with designer everything!

This is the only other shot I wanted to share from the wax museum (there are a few more but I wont bore you) being a car nut I couldn’t resist getting this as a souvenir.

Venice Beach has some crazy little shops, some you cant even get into they are jam packed with goods! So much character and colour with all the old shop signs and merchandise

 This Venice Beach street performer was just setting up his beats before laying down some fast footwork!

That concludes the second part of the unreleased shots from our trip and the third part I will get up as soon as possible!


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