Never Posted Fresh Edits from LA & SF

Our trip to LA & San Fran was truly amazing, and i have only posted a few photos here in a previous blog post “A year with Fujifilm Mirrorless”

However i have some great news, not only do i have the link right here for ALL the photos: “LA & San Francisco”

I have also been working through a total of 15 fresh never posted photos from the trip. As a photographer one of the best things you can do is to let your work rest and revisit it in a few months or so and you find a new perspective & style of how you want to edit them.

I have been posting a photo a day to my Flickr and Twitter which you can follow here: @oncam31 to stay right up with the play. I have actually just posted day 6 so be sure to check it out if you can’t wait for the next blog post!

Lets get on with it.


The Stunning Getty Center, I love the tile texture with the blue glass combining curves with square shapes! This was our first stop on day 1 and what a better way to spend it with some fine art galleries and a stunning over view of downtown LA albeit softened with heat & pollution haze. Obviously leaving NZ winter behind we were quickly suffering the exposure to LA summer climate that day!


You can’t visit Hollywood without running into some famous people! Lady Gaga


Strolling up & down Hollywood Blvd sure has some interesting sights, people, fashion and superheros. Love the hair and the glasses!


We found a Tommy’s Burger joint in between Westlake and Echo Park one night on our way back to the hotel, These little outdoor fast food places have so much character while the food is typical we don’t experience this style of dining here in NZ. Another of my favorite spots was Burrito King which you can find a great photo of in the album!!!!


The outdoor style dining is something else, take in those neon lights, palm trees and the hustle of Los Angeles traffic driving past, the only thing I regret is not checking this place out at like 3am in the morning.. but probably a wise option! I’m sure its pretty quiet most of the time but I bet those security cameras see some interesting sights!

Check back in a few days for the second post of three parts! Also thank you all for the likes, comments and views, I appreciate them all!  I’m still very new to this but hopefully your enjoying reading my posts. Cameron


2 thoughts on “Never Posted Fresh Edits from LA & SF

  1. Tommy’s original store. At Beverly and Rampart Ave. Wow you found a true landmark of LA. It’s an area of LA’s history. I have been there many times and really enjoy the food and the people who visit. You took a great picture of the place; it really depicts it.

    Thank you for posting your LA and San Francisco pictures.


    1. Hi Duane thanks for your comment! We loved our experience here, really felt a true LA vibe. I cant wait to head back one day and explore more. Please let me know if you have more favourite or historical spots that I could visit next time, My dream is to capture the LA river & parts of the freeway plus venture out to the desert & more of the canyon areas. Also feel free to check out the whole album if your interested at

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