Wings Vs Wheels Showdown

New Zealand is quite a small laid back sorta place so it takes a fair amount of effort to get some momentum behind an event like this. Many are expensive and events often get labeled with “the same or worse as last year” or the “same cars” etc & more than often advertising is pretty relaxed so can slip under the radar and you had no idea it was actually on!

Then there’s the problem of getting the punters out of bed on a Sunday morning! Therefore I was quite hesitant especially being a first timer to check out this relatively new Wings vs Wheels Showdown event that happens just once a year.

Well fact is I  would possibly even go as far as calling this as one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time. Exceeding others that receive more far more praise.

Show cars, Drag racing, Drifting, Air displays & a Jet car! all thrown in with a some decent food and run like a “well oiled rag” made the day very enjoyable.

A busy small airfield called Ardmore was the scene for drop flag “race your mates” where you could line up and put your horsepower where your mouth was which was a spectacle, even some serious 8 second drag cars ran the strip, along with shifter carts & a dirt track stock car! No slip times, light tree etc just casual good old fashioned drag racing but on a runway!!!

Located on an Airfield, planes were also on the menu for the day. Some very impressive machines were polished ready to perform aerobatics including one legend.. the Spitfire!

The drag strip was shut down and the cones were setup for a free drift session letting cars run solo for a couple of minutes or until tires gave up screaming in pieces!

Plenty of local cars were on show also, some I have seen before but can’t get enough of including the 1000hp R34 GTR known as [DEMON]

Last but not least, the jet drag car was brought out a couple of times for a display also to race off against one of the jet planes!

Who brought the marshmallows??


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