Still Travelling – Rarotonga

My lovely wife had secretly booked the trip back in November & it was given to me in a huge box weighted down all wrapped with a bow on top Christmas morning!

Such a great surprise especially for the travel addicted photographer & not having to pay for any of it certainly opens the door up for purchasing.. new camera equipment?? oh yes… Literally a day before we flew out the fantastic Fuji xf23 lens showed up on my work desk which I picked up for a “couldn’t resist price”. It was really nice for once in my lifetime passing on a couple of occasions where i would have been paying the often too impatient dealer full ticket price.

We had 7 days to fill in with no real plans or ideas what to expect but one of the main focuses for this trip was to actually just chill out & relax as much as possible. The weather was not totally on our side with about 4 out of 7 days pretty wet as it is their tropical season right now, but that didn’t stop us!

Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands with a 32km  loop road right around the island where scooters rule the roads, palm trees litter the landscape while loose dogs & chickens are daily roadside hazards. Tie this all in with a beautiful shallow lagoon embracing the shoreline and a stunning extinct volcano right in the middle, not to mention a very hot & humid climate!

Enjoy the pics, please contact if you wish to use or share any – all rights reserved.

“Boiler – Shipwreck”


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