Explore Piha Surf Beach NZ

It has been far to long since we ventured out to Piha surf beach just 45 mins from Auckland CBD.

Lately the weather has just been insane, currently seeing 25 deg Celsius plus days and it certainly brought the people out in droves to swim, surf and sunbathe on what is probably the last weekend of their Christmas holiday vacation.

After a couple of weeks spent swimming and a little bit of surfing on the Coromandel the wife & I really wanted to get out to Piha and see what was going on. It was one place that I had not properly checked out with a camera & I wanted to capture a couple of surfing shots after being inspired by a couple of my instagram followers!

We first checked out the Karekare waterfall which is about 15 mins just outside of Piha. Another magical spot that we had never been to just a quick 5 min walk from the carpark. The intense sunlight and lack of any ND filters meant it was bit of a struggle to capture that silky flowing water we all like to see. There were a few people swimming at the base of the falls which looked like a nice spot for a cool off & some instagram selfies.





As it was lunch time that meant we were both pretty hungry so we headed down to the Piha cafe for one of their delicious pizzas and a lemonade. Sorry no food shots as we were too hungry to look at it but it was amazing & highly recommended!

A quick stop at the top of the Piha hill to take in the sights!

The car park was packed but we managed to find one of the last spots right on the end opposite a stunning ocean front house. I could not resist taking a quick snap of the clean architectural lines surrounded by native NZ Pohutukawa trees. There is actually another dwelling in behind and the driveway runs through the middle! Brilliant.

Many of the houses around Piha are a sign of  contemporary, almost alternative hippy surf shack living. But there are some new builds starting to pop up around the place that suggest a more desired luxurious living & what a beautiful place to spend it either way.

The Surf was certainly pretty good from what I could see with quite a few surfers paddling around out the back so it was pretty action packed. As I only had the Fujifilm XE2 + xc50-230mm combo it meant that I was standing knee deep in the water trying to keep somewhat dry from the odd wave coming through at crotch height. But hey that’s what its all about! Thankfully the continuous auto focus was ok, not fantastic but good enough considering the conditions and the approx 8fps shutter drive helped to capture those stunning aired maneuvers.


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