XE1 – XE2 Optional Hand Grip Review

Ok so after a full year shooting with my Fuji XE2 i have told myself that i am going to just concentrate more on making photos rather than what gear i want or need. I guess it starts after just buying this new handgrip ūüėČ I feel that 2015 will be an exciting year and i have a lot of motivation to make photos which is really nice. Obviously gear lust is hard to beat so i am looking forward to an XPro2 & perhaps the xf10-24. I also have a couple more Fuji lens reviews to do over the holiday period!

I’m so happy that Fuji actually made accessory options like the MHG-XE hand grip as it allows a wider range of people to enjoy their cameras. When the XT-1 was released the larger grip definitely suited my large hands & even though my desire was to own a small system there is a point where you actually want that solid¬†feeling when its in your hand. The Fuji cameras all vary & feel very different from the X100s to the XE2 to the XT-1 so you may like one more than the other.

I delayed picking up any optional items for a whole year, which is good in a way because today after the new grip arrived it just feels like a totally new camera.

Just a note that this is the new revised version of the original. They have definitely thought this one out the second time around,  the original version does not have the cut out section on the bottom to remove the battery or sd card, it also falls over onto the lens when sitting on a table as the base is not quite wide enough The revised version gets a wider base so it sits perfectly upright with my 35mm 1.4 (without hood)

The Fuji XE2 already feels quite special in the hand, but not as nice as an X100s which has the full aluminum body but the new hand grip just adds a whole new dynamic to the XE2.


Is amazing! It has an expensive aluminum feel to the plastic construction of the XE2 & the best thing is it fits in the whole palm of your hand now so your not just holding on with finger tips and your thumb. It also adds approx 8mm onto the base which rests nicely in the base of your palm, there is also a little cut out section where your third finger goes nicely. The Grip material is exactly the same as the original XE2 so its nice and uniform there!


This is for you especially if your shooting with the larger 10-24, 18-55, 55-200 lenses i feel its definitely worth every penny.

Definitely one handed shooting with those zooms are now possible while you get added protection from a drop or just placing it down on rocky surfaces which will give you a piece of mind for those wildlife/outdoor or high use shooters.


Top quality metal feel, finished in semi gloss black, fitment is also 99% with only a very small gap on the side under the right hand side neck strap connector which is barely noticeable, but the rest is bang on! It has the cut out section on the bottom to allow battery & SD card access without having to remove the grip & there is also a new tripod mount thread on the bottom which appears to be exactly in the center now (as marked with the white line) due to the grip attaching itself into the original via a supplied Allen key! There is one more small threaded hole on the bottom which Im not 100% certain about, perhaps for an L bracket tripod mount? (photo 4)


Expensive-ish but most options are.. I feel this is like the icing on an already nice piece of cake. It has added both quality feel & new form to a well capable camera. If you are serious about your XE2 then this is worth a look. Before to me it felt a tad like an amateur photographer camera & now feels semi pro.





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