A year with Fuji XE2 Mirrorless.. do i miss the DSLR?

In the weekend while out and about  we walked into a camera shop and they had to my suprise..the brand new Canon 7dmk2 DSLR!

Its been 12 months since I’ve held a DSLR.  To be honest i was actually reasonably happy to be reunited with this functional photography tool, almost like a spark re-ignited perhaps like bumping into an old friend. Not the annoying ones you keep seeing posting crap on facebook but ones that bring back a flood of memories from your high school years. Just hearing that mirror slap, seeing your subject optically and the ultimate response to fire off shots or 10 fps if you wish is something i had forgotten about.

It hits you emotionally especially after 6 years of shooting the trusty steed that was the DSLR. Some often say you don’t know what you had till its gone.. Thankfully Canon & Nikon are still pushing forward with DSLR for the masses and good on them, its still a fantastic tool. I described it to my friend as like cutting down a tree, one chainsaw does it with no hassle(DSLR), but the other one (Mirrorless) you just love using a bit more even if it takes more time & effort to cut through.. Obviously there are going to be times when you need to make money & chop as many trees down in a day as you can. For now we are still just an amateur/hobbyist who has big dreams of travel & new levels of photography.

So where is this going? am i starting to miss the trusty DSLR? perhaps..

It’s just something about having that shutter fire off with so much ease, like a well oiled machine. I feel you miss some shots with mirrorless because it’s in sleep mode or just doesn’t pull focus quite like a DSLR.  So i do sometimes feel the mirrorless is hindering my output occasionally, but more than often there are times where you get shots you wouldn’t normally because you tend to take your mirrorless everywhere..

While i love mirrorless for 80% of what i shoot, DSLR is still the faster, superior tool IF you can bring yourself to taking it places, get it out of your closet & dust it off. I know so many people who buy them and never take it out, even for an overseas trip!!

Will i get another DSLR ? perhaps as a second camera for the times I shoot that 20% motorsport, but still not sure as i have been managing with manual focus ..(albeit mostly frustrating), but if yes it would likely be a used 7d body +  70-200 lens or so for those events where you need absolutely everything to go as smoothly as possible with the least amount of thought about your equipment.

While looking back through some of my photos over the past year, I am happy to say that being passionate about your gear definitely encourages you to keep shooting, the Fuji has this excitement, feel & soul that really motivates you and I do honestly believe i have managed to improve my skill this year with the XE2 and produce some great photos that I have been super proud of. Whether or not they could have been replicated with a DSLR there is no guarantee as I do not know if I would even be enjoying photography as much as I have this year. I feel more focused and obsessed about creating photos more than I ever have over the past 10 years. I do not often find myself saying ugh I cant be bothered taking my camera along! We had an amazing trip to LA & San Francisco this year that really let me explore and create so i would also say that finding new places to shoot definitely helps to fuel creativity but the beautiful Fuji  XE2 & sharp XF lenses certainly make you feel & look good doing it !

Here are a couple of photos from the first year shooting Fuji X, please ask for permission to use/copy/print any photo below.



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