Fujinon XF27mm pancake lens!

XF27 reviewThis lens is a really nice option if you just want to take your camera literally everywhere & not feel too serious, stand out, be obtrusive, & intimidating.. but don’t think for one minute this lens is a toy! 

After downsizing from a full DSLR kit carrying the XE2 + 18-55mm around you quickly get used to the size, and while it is a huge improvement you still feel the setup is not as small as you had imagined before switching to mirrorless.

This tiny pancake lens transforms the whole shooting experience, & gives you confidence to take your camera everywhere.

Sure some people are not worried what others think & will drop their Nikon D4 + 70-200 on the cafe table but seriously just having the XE2 + 27mm mounted for me is what i prefer.

It becomes that table piece that you can just leave there and admire with enough room for your food. Pick it up take a few shots of your coffee or meal or your partner sitting opposite you & not feel too awkward or draw attention if your a self conscious photographer sitting in a room full of “people watching” coffee sipping humans.

Performance is stunning, the way this lens shoots, focuses and delivers images very nicely. 

A couple of things to note, the auto focus is snappy & fast, not completely silent like the XF18-55 & about half as noisy as the XF35mm. Aperture adjustment for this lens is on the rear toggle wheel lens, the lens is too small for a dedicated aperture ring but its not a deal breaker. 

Colour rendition from this lens is not quite as vivid as the 35mm either, toned down perhaps 10% & also does not deliver quite the same strong contrast.

Sharpness is very good, super sharp from wide open at f2.8 with slight vignetting that disappears towards f4.0. As sharp as the 35mm i feel, so tack sharp!

The shooting experience is really unique, you can shoot one handed, it fits inside your coat pocket, you can just relax about your shooting & not feel that pressure to perform or shoot everything you see. It feels less serious to carry & i think that reflects on your mindset when you head out to shoot, you really enjoy yourself.  Its actually that setup that you will just love carrying & if you see something interesting the 27mm is going to deliver without a doubt.

One idea i love about using a fixed focal length is that it can lead to some extended creativity! You will find ways to shoot & compose with the simplicity of the 27mm. I believe if you work hard and become accustomed to the focal length the results are very rewarding. 

This is a must have lens in your kit,  it truly transforms your Fujifilm system!

Happy shooting! – All photos attached are taken with the xf27 and All Rights Reserved by OnCam Photography


5 thoughts on “Fujinon XF27mm pancake lens!

  1. Glad that you’re enjoying the 27. I got one during the recent sale and it has pretty much lived on my X-E1. I sometimes forget that I have a zoom to switch to. It’s just a super lens.

    1. Thanks Michael yes the 27 is perfect to keep on this camera for many situations! so versatile & the size of the lens just fits it so well compared to the larger zoom. I do wish it had the silent focus motor but that lets me appreciate the XF18-55 when i use it!

      1. Camron, I have every other month sessions with a mentor who looks at my photos. Last time I saw him, his first remark was about how he noticed from the exif data that I’d shot them all with the 27, which he calls a 40, (What else would you expect from a Leica shooter?) His exact phrase was, “Looks like you’re loving life at 40.”

    1. yes it is a truly great lens, colour production is a bit less punchy but definitely one of the most enjoyable lenses i have used. Sadly i sold mine after i got the 23 but have regretted that decision. The form factor amazing to use as an everyday or travel option.

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