Minolta 58mm 1.4 Sample Photos – Fuji XE2

Alright so make sure you check out my previous post where I give a quick review on this lens & why I chose it to go with my Fujifilm XE2.  As requested here are a sample of the photos from this lens taken when mounted. I will continue to update this gallery so make sure to check back if you are still on the fence about picking this lens up.

Sorry about no EXIF data but most shots are samples around f1.4 to 2.2 so pretty wide open & the landscape shots are around f5.6.

Just remember you need to use the correct mount adapter for your mirrorless camera which can be had for around $15 off Ebay.

I purchased this lens for $130 also off Ebay & here are the results!

Week11 book

13833125884_bb0a186cf9_k 13832774633_3d2979e2b2_k 13832767015_659ea09802_k 15978897773_9070f3c2c9_k DSCF2139 DSCF2146 DSCF0367 DSCF2213 DSCF2224 DSCF2253


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