Fujinon XF18-55 2.8-4 review

Here it is!, the lens that exceeds every idea you ever had about what a “Kit Lens” is supposed to be!

You can also buy the XE2 with the 35mm 1.4 but why didn’t that get labeled a “kit lens”. Words get thrown around very easily over the internet.

Technically & Optically it is one of the best zooms I’ve ever used, focus is super quick, positive & silent,  Image stability is second to none, Fujifilm claim up to 5 stops & shooting around 1/10 handheld is possible!. Its Sharp!! sharper than the XF18mm prime at the wide end. It does not have quite the contrast pop of the 35mm prime but that can be added in post.

Nice metal solid feel with an aperture ring that is nice to use. It has an on/off switch for Image Stability & also an aperture switch for selecting aperture priority or to use P or S mode exposure options.

At 18mm you have f2.8 as the largest aperture & the aperture progresses out to f3.6 at 27mm & f4.0 at 55mm.

It Comes with decent shaped plastic hood, would prefer a nice metal one but can’t complain, keeps the weight down.

It does zoom creep a bit when carrying over your shoulder, however this was different on another version that i tested which definitely had none & was stiffer to zoom.

The weight is OK, it’s a touch front heavy on the XE2, but still one hand shooting is possible. I find your left hand on the zoom/aperture ring most the time anyway so it’s not too bad.

This has been a work horse already, so nice that its hard to take off even for the stunning fuji primes. When you switch back from using the noisy focus motors of the 27mm & 35mm prime lenses you love the zoom even more as its super silent to focus!

Very Versatile!! for landscapes to portraits or just that walk around lens everyone is after.

It would be 5/5 star lens if it was a constant  f2.8 lens but for the size & weight it’s not a deal breaker!

Photos attached are full copyright, please ask for permission to use.


Auckland Street ArtCarried Away_DxOFPDSCF1015DSCF6528EstateFog WatchGolden PerceptionInkster EvoKite Surf


3 thoughts on “Fujinon XF18-55 2.8-4 review

  1. I already own X100, XE1 and XF56 and now I’m struggling to decide which one will be my next lens: XF18-55 or XF35… Maybe I’ll go with XF18-55 due to its versatile usage

    1. 18-55 is really nice, it’s a nicer lens than the 35mm especially with the IS & the silent focus which is very fast compared to the xf35. The 35 is a great prime but I’d pick the zoom before the 35. Also the 27mm is brilliant which I’ll be posting my review on next.

      1. Thanks for your advice… I still have a few days to decide before going back to France, the price here (I’m from Vietnam) is quite ok compared to the crazy price in Paris.

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