Another DSLR to Mirrorless convert. Fujifilm XE2 review


Just a quick straight to the point real life feelings & review 6 months down the track since i left my DSLR & lenses in the dust.

The first thing i want to say is i have been taking photos for the past 10 years, im not a paid professional but have owned 4x DSLR bodies both Canon & Nikon and a very large range of lenses.

I ended up selling my Nikon & gear and after much debate about which mirrorless camera system to go with,  i ended up picking the Fujifilm system with the XE-2, here are just a couple of things i can say after the first 6 months of shooting!


1: The Fuji XE2 it has soul: Of all the cameras I’ve owned nothing makes you feel the way this camera does. The shutter sound is exquisite & it just begs you to snap! The design is fantastic, lovely textures & details all over the body.  The feel & quality of the Fujifilm is really good it feels solid & professional, it does not feel like a toy despite the size. Manual dials really engage you & the aperture rings on some of the XF lenses adds to the overall experience.

2: Fujinon XF lenses: Are amazing!!, feel, optically, price, everything… the “kit zoom” 18-55 is the best zoom lens i’ve ever used..even better than some Canon L. Even the cheaper XC lenses are blowing my mind. Fuji keeps bringing quality lenses so the road map is expanding fast, there are many sharp/fast primes & even now a weatherproof lens. Keep posted for a couple of reviews on my lenses!

3: Price: To sell all my DSLR gear an switch over is a pain & you take a loss if your impatient but once your there many of the lenses are very well priced for what they are. While there is no cheap plastic fantastic 50mm available you can pick up or make use of any legacy lenses you may have stored away from years gone by & make full use of the focus peaking. I managed to pick up an amazing Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.4 for only $100 off EBAY & it is a dream to use! Manual focus can be a lot of fun too seeing exactly what your pulling into focus using the EVF, and you cant beat the vintage feel, build & dreamy bokeh characteristics!

4: Weight obviously!  Body & lenses are so much easier to carry all day especially with the little XF27mm pancake lens its basically like a point n shoot! I guess a little bit less obtrusive & intense when your shooting people or street, sure they still look at you, i think you have to work on your invisibility but perhaps perceive you a bit differently.  I have actually had people just comment on the camera itself ..”nice camera!”

A couple of negatives.

Battery Life.. Ive picked up 2x extra 3rd party batteries but they are cheap enough & its just a case of making sure they are charged ready to take on a shoot. Id say 3 batteries would have you covered for 1x normal Nikon D7000 battery

EVF while its really nice & smooth thanks to the latest firmware updates in bright sunlight you can suffer having to shade the corner of your camera/head right next to the evf with your left hand. I love the data displayed on the EVF also, while all of it turned on can be a bit over whelming the choice is there to toggle all/some data off.

To wrap it up, it has certainly brought me a whole new experience, a good blend of automatic & manual photography with the manual aperture/shutter dials & manual focusing if you want to fully engage yourself but still having a fully automatic setting if your envious friend wants to take some photos. It has been pretty easy going with the dslr systems & nothing to complain about however i now truly understand what taking photos is all about. It requires more effort & more thought to pull of the shots but the rewards are greater. Its a more engaging & enjoyable experience. Most of all it drives your passion to get out, chase that light & take great photos!


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