2011 Speed Triple 1050 First Ride

2011 Speed Triple 1050 First Ride Report


Before mounting this beast, how good does it look in white and black! The single swing arm and flat black multi spoke wheels look so aggressive. The headlights are controversial but go back and have a look at the old Triumph and you will quickly realize they look out dated.

Every inch of this motorcycle is quality, from the Brembo’s up front to the rear tire it is no toy & feels like its been built as a one off rather than a mass production line snap together plastic kit-set like my old Suzuki portrayed. Possibly the only thing giving hint that its a “consumer” product is the exhaust heat shielding, but even the exhaust cans suit the bike well which is no easy task and are usually the “first to go”with an upgrade. In this case they may be here to stay for a while. The exhaust is near perfect in every way, you could go as far as thinking they are just missing the Arrow logo!

The Engine it is a torque monster, after coming from a 600 GSXR the added power is the huge grin factor here, pulling super hard & clean as low as 3,000rpm in 6th gear with a peak of 81.9 ft lbs at 7750rpm there is just an enormous rush of power out of every apex to the next one. I can see a rear tire not lasting very long here.

The 133hp engine revs smooth like butter up to the 9,400 red line with minimal vibes and the triple cylinder soundtrack is just ridiculous. In case you forget how insane the bike is under power the deceleration popping from the twin rear exhausts reminds you your on one angry cat. Throttle response is not jerky but fairly instant, with a decent punch which takes some care coming from a 600 when your mid corner trying to navigate gravel, pot holes & slippery summer road tar.

In the handling department, the bike needs to be setup still and is quite firm both the rear and front end. The Showa Monoshock does a great job at the rear & hooks up very well and tracks amazing, tip in to corners is effortless with help from the Showa 43mm USD forks and wide bars allowing for big lean angles. The welcomed 190/55/17 K3 Metzler is beyond the task of my 600cc ham fisted throttle mentality.

Brakes are very nice, I don’t know why people complain about Suzuki brakes because these Brembo’s are similar in feel & for every day riding but I’m sure the track will put some ground between them. I’ve read they are almost too intense so will have to test them out more, you don’t use a lot of brakes out on the open road with the decent engine braking from the triple.

Gearbox is crisp & clean!!! no miss shifts even being lazy with that left boot.

Nothing else really to report, functionality is great, everything is there on the LCD display. The rev counter with strip of shift lights adds a race feel. A little disappointing that the only thing missing is a gear indicator but you get a fuel gauge, lap timer, trip meter, distance to empty, fuel consumption  etc.

Enjoy the pics, these were taking with the I-Phone 4’s with a little photoshop.






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