Mazda RX8

After 3 long years i thought i was ready for what seemed like an unreachable goal. I felt a change coming on, usually prompted by something dramatic in my life.

My dreams dont usually come to fruition this quickly and it was bizzare the way it all worked out, as though i was on the Red Bull stratos mission and the only way home was to jump!

Everything usually falls apart when plans like this arnt meant to be for me, im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and i feel that something has been guiding me back to where i left off after my Honda Integra DC5R was stolen from me almost 3 years ago.

Mazda has always been a part of my love for cars, since day 1 being my first car, this RX8 will be my 5th high performance mazda. Owning the very original BFMR 1.6 4wd turbo hatch, GTX 1.8 turbo and the infamous Mazda GTR homologation, the RX8 all be it of a different heart with the 13B rotary engine,  the mazda passion for building an amazing car with so much soul & character can be felt in every aspect.

A feeling that doesnt come from many manufacturers.

So here she is, 50,000km 1 owner and NZ new Type S – 6 Speed high performance model! 247hp 13B Rotary Engine.

Full Options with MazdaSpeed shocks & Springs, MazdaSpeed Strut Bracing & Full Mazdaspeed Underchassis brace!


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