Spring Blast

Spring is almost here, and the mint weather finally made for a wicked day for some riders at Hampton Downs in the weekend (28.8.11). After just fitting a new set of Dunlop’s to the GSXR i was not going to make this one financially, but im getting prepared as the weather becomes more predictable!

The new Kawasaki ZX10r was out in full force counting at least 2-3 of them! they look the business and seem to go as well.

Nice to see some new bikes being built  over the winter months, and finally getting a chance for a shakedown!

The Suzuki GSXR1000 prepared and stickered by RCM (Ray Clee Motorsports) looks to be in NZ superbike spec the rider John putting it through its paces, hope to see him racing full time this season, lets just say a dam quick combination!

Stretched the 7d’s legs and shot some photos, the sun was not friendly to photographer’s but they came out alright.

Still trying to make the best with the tools i have, looking forward to the start of the bike season, hopefully i can bring something new and fresh this year.

My aim is to produce a clean art style and designed photo, rather than just an action shot


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