Canon 7D

Wow i have had such an amazing experience with my 40d over the past 3-4 years and i feel that it pushes you to try so hard and explore area’s of life that you never knew existed. you look at everything in ways people merely walk past in their busy day to day life.

i have had a couple of different len’s nothing overboard but have found a pretty reliable setup to cover most areas. i feel it comes down to your creativity somewhat and not always the gear you have.

i managed to push myself to splash out on a new 7d canon’s highest level consumer 1.6x crop body with the inspiration to take my work to the next level and to keep up with the ever advancing technology that is now on offer.

here are a couple of test shots with more to come as i find time to experience this amazing camera.


test shot 1


R6 Pukekohe


E46 M3




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