Yoshimura R55


After weeks of deciding i finally picked a new exhaust for my brand new GSXR600.

With so many options i was spoilt for choice. I decided at this stage that i was very happy with the stock fueling and power of the bike, and decided to just go with a slip on Yoshimura R55 with carbon tip and keep the cat installed.

This also helps keep the noise down as its important to keeping the bike enjoyable to my ears on long trips. I have removed the baffle before i installed it and sounds exactly how i wanted it.

I’ve also removed the rear pillion pegs and really has cleaned up the tail and overall appearance of the bike.

R55 Slip on k9 Suzuki GSXR600

GSXR600 Yoshimura Driveway Shot


2 thoughts on “Yoshimura R55

  1. i assume this will fit the 750 2010 straight out the same as this bike.
    i am very interested in getting this same exhaust for my bike.
    you still selling it?
    text me and let me know.

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