Castrol Power 1 NZ Superbike 2011 Round 4

Castrol Power 1 New Zealand Superbikes kicked off at Hampton Downs on 25th April 2011. Looking back on photos from last year it was a totally different climate getting very burnt.  This year was the total opposite with greasy, humid and wet conditions that would see some bikes come to grief and strategic plans come into play in the tire battle.

The rain created some confusion in the first race of the Superbikes on Sunday where the race was officially declared “WET” by officials. As the bikes left the pit and concluding 1 warm up lap the race was quickly pulled and rescheduled due to some rider/s going out on slicks and then saying its too dangerous? most riders were furious with the call..

Andrew Stroud was to battle hard with Aussie Robbie Bugden swapping positions every 2nd lap or so. Taking the win by 0.220!  Results: Superbike race 1: Andrew Stroud , Bugden , Frost , Stauffer ,Tony Rees , Hayden Fitzgerald

The Feature Race Tourist Trophy was won again by Andrew Stroud with a good ride by Sloan Frost to take 2nd and Kawasaki rider Nick Cole taking third.

Results: Superbike TT : Andrew Stroud , Sloan Frost , Nick Cole , Dan Stauffer , Ray Clee , Hayden Fitzgerald , James Smith , Tony Rees , Rob Bugden

Andrew was crowned Superbike Champion for 2011 and makes it 9 NZ championships.

In 600 Tourist Trophy super sport Midge Smart on a SuperStock R6 had an intense start running at the front of the pack battling with Scott Moir on his CBR600rr. Backing it in hard into turn 4 then running out wide not seeing Moir right next to him. Quickly ending in tears as they rubbed elbows sending Smart down hard for 50 meters along the tarmac.

The battle at the front was between the two Suzuki’s of Charlett and Skatchill, after Moir exited the race towards the half way point. Some good passing was made at turn 4 by Charlett to take the lead.

Results: ‎600SS Tourist Trophy (TT) Dennis Charlett Suzuki , Glen Skachill Suzuki Karl Morgan Suzuki. Superstock Sam Love , Jaden Hassan , Eric o-Max


All in all a great day, one round to go in Manfield for the season! hopefully the World Superbikes, Moto GP and AMA Superbikes will fill the drought untill racing gets underway here again.

Will leave you with some various favourites from the day.


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