Suzuki GSXR600 K9 2011

WOW so after it feels like forever that i wanted to pick up a new bike… a lot of thinking went into about what 600 would fit me, i finally went with the gsxr 600. it offers more than the others for me.. next choice would have been the 675 or zx6r both are more hard core but i dont spend alot of time on the track and the gsxr just fits our type of road exceptionally well, so much torque to pull out of tight corners and the plush suspension just soaks up the bumps and lets you stay hard on the gas pulling hard. And wow does it go! so so smooth even with the stock exhaust it has plenty on tap! [yes its now run in 🙂 ]

it took a bit but i finally found a sick deal on a left over k9 gsxr of course the timeless blue & white scheme. i really like the freshness of this scheme.. really makes it pop and has been getting some attention wherever it goes.

Shopping for an exhaust in the near future but not 100% sure on which one i will run with yet.. i like the look of the akrapovic shorty slip on from the 07 which i can fit but it may lose some torque lower down.. otherwise the new R77 from yoshimura is very nice but it looks a tad big. even the carbon TRC might be a good option. I want it to be moderate in noise but still have that decent pull from low revs.

on with the pics!!

up in its grill

a couple of cool photos of it in action i found on the net!!!


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