Euro Accord Inspriation

Have come across some absolutely stunning honda accord euro’s in the past little while since owning mine.

The car has really become quite popular here with the tuners and we are starting to see some decent setups coming out of peoples garages.

Here are some of my favourite.

First up close experience i had was when i shot Julians CL9 6spd Manual.

Loving the White and Blue Scheme with the 17×8 Advan RG wheels with the awesome Mugen wing adding something different to the usual m3 style or spoon wing.

This is a NZ honda accord Euro R with the K20A engine, check out the tough stance, with 18×9 Volk CE28N wheels with Staggered fitment for that true JDM Racer style. Its only running on Tein S-Tech springs so i think it would be alot nicer with some coilover to reduce the height in the rear. Its also up for sale, wish i had 25k

Also has the HKS Hi Power Silent dual outlet exhaust fitted which looks amazing and im sure flows and sounds alot nicer than the OEM.

Check out the Fitment!

Hey this kinda looks like mine.. 🙂  this one is pretty intese straight from Japan

This is just clean with flush fitment and on the deck

Love everything about this Accord, The single exit exhaust is pure awesome, the Spoon Spoiler really suits the rear end of this Euro, Work wheels and fitment is bang on and it has a huge turbo under the bonnet!!!!

This is pretty baller, Im not sold on the rear wing which looks to be Mugen gen 2 but the rest of it flows well.

Some intense slammage with mugen gen 1 rear wing, would like to see some more fitment on the front wheel with some camber  to match the rear

A couple of recent shots of my 2002 CL9 Euro 5AT to close this post off.


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